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What is Foot Zone Therapy?

Foot Zone Therapy was developed by Dr. Charles Ersdal, MD of Norway and is the non-invasive triggering of signals on the feet and ankles of a client which correspond to body systems, organs, and parts.  Signals on the left foot correspond to the left-side of the body; signals on the right foot correspond to the right-side of the body.

Foot Zone Therapy is considered an advanced form of reflexology that differs from other reflexology methods in three ways:

  1. It uses a more accurate signal system,
  2. It has a more accurate and complete map of the signals, and
  3. Utilizing a specific order and method of treatment, the Practitioner will stimulate signals for every system of the body during each Foot Zone Session.

Using their hands, a Practitioner will stimulate these signals, via manipulation of the fascia and soft tissue, which aids in bringing homeostasis and balance to the client of Foot Zone Therapy.

Foot Zone Practitioners may, at times, incorporate other holistic health modalities into their Foot Zone Session such as: aromatherapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, gem therapy, and various forms of Energy Therapy; however, it should be understood that these complementary modalities are a supplement to the Foot Zone Technique and not a necessary component of Foot Zone Therapy.

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