Choosing a Foot Zone Practitioner is comparable to finding a massage therapist or a chiropractor or a cranial sacral therapist or any other Energy Practitioner.  Even though they may be trained in exactly the same technique, every Foot Zone Practitioner is different.  Two Practitioners in the same class may have a totally different touch and will definitely feel energy differently, so if you go to one Practitioner and it doesn't feel right, try a different Practitioner in your area.  There really is no competition between Foot Zone Practitioners.  Most realize that the important thing is for you to get a good zone.

While each state has it's own law governing Foot Zone Therapy (typically under the reflexology laws) and some states may have an organization representing Foot Zone Practitioners in that state, at this time there is no National governing body over Foot Zone Therapy.   After completing  course work in Foot Zone Therapy, a Training Program will give the student a Certificate of Completion, thereby "certifying" them as a Foot Zone Practitioner.  This makes it even more important that you choose a graduate of a reputable school and do your homework.

Before choosing a Foot Zone Practitioner, please make sure you use due diligence and ask questions.  Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • Where did you get  your training?
  • How much training did you receive?
  • How long have you been zoning?
  • When did you complete your classes?
  • How frequently do you zone?
  • Were you trained in how to include energy work during the zone?
  • How often do you include energy work in the zone?
  • Can you explain some of the energy work that is included in your zone?
  • How long does a session take?
  • How much do you charge for a session?

Foot Zone Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, but is a complement to most types of therapy with wonderful benefits for the foot zone client.  I invite you to schedule an appointment and see for yourself what the Foot Zone Technique can do for you.