Everyday Foot Zoning as a Mother


This is a guest post by Stephanie Marcum. Stephanie is a Foot Zone Practitioner and Instructor in Hawaii where she started her own school and training program called Foothold. She is continually learning and growing from the gifts and talents of others and has a passion for learning!

I have had a lot of dramatic stories happen in my years of foot zoning, but most of the time foot zoning has just helped my family in little ways. At this time, when most of us are home-bound with our families, I thought it would be nice to share some simple journal entries where I’ve been able to nurture my children over the years.

Old Journal Entry

My son stayed home from school today because he didn’t feel well. He had swollen red eyes and felt a little achy. We put some ionized silver in his red eyes and he asked me to foot zone him. As I foot zoned my 13-year-old boy, his prostate area was a little crunchy. He felt the difference and asked where I was in the foot zone. I informed him that I was working on his “boy parts”. He laughed and asked what that meant. I explained that he was just changing from boy to man and his body was adjusting. We talked about that for a bit and I continued to foot zone him.

Later, the thyroid signal was tender. He again was curious about the tender spot I was working on. I explained that it was his thyroid. Of course, he didn’t know what that was, so I explained to him that it was an organ that helps regulate his hormone changes. I also let him know that it could also deal with things he wanted to speak up about but was afraid to. His brain started turning with that information, and he wanted to talk more about that.

“What does that mean mom?” he asked. Since he was my best clue to what is going on in his body, I responded back with, “What do you think it means? What’s going through your mind right now after I worked on that signal?”

He explained that it’s hard for him to pick a sports team to like. If he picked one and expressed it then people might get angry at him if they didn’t like that sports team. Apparently, sports teams are a real worry for a 13-year-old boy. Hours later he felt better and the red and swelling in his eyes had gone down.

After school, his little brother came home walking in pain. He also asked me to foot zone him. After telling him to wash his black and dirty island feet, he sat on the couch with his homework in his lap and I went to work on his feet. We talked about his homework, and then we talked about eating less sugar and more healthy fats, and other things I felt he needed. He decided to eat some nuts after we were done. His feet were a little sore as I worked on a couple of signals and I realized his physical foot needed some work and not just the signal system. I put some essentials oils on his foot to help with the swelling. Then he did some stretching to strengthen the foot.

Fast forward a few years to today. Here are some experiences from the stress of COVID-19.

Recent Journal Entry

My boys have been great throughout the stay-at-home order. What boy isn’t happy to have school canceled. However, my daughters had different experiences.

My college-age daughter packed up unexpectedly and returned home from college. She was not happy to have her semester end so abruptly and she came home a mess. She hadn’t slept for days. I worked her vagus nerve points as soon as she came home to help her body calm down. When we did a full zone later that day, she relaxed and settled down from the stress of packing quickly and rushing home.

A couple of days later, I temporarily welcomed home my other daughter from a church mission in the Philippines. She had felt like she was running for her life to get out of the country before they closed to borders. Needless to say, she was also in a state of high stress. During and after a foot zone, you could see the stress start to melt away.

Helping Me Be a Better Mom

This is why I learned how to foot zone, to nurture and care for my children. Nothing fantastic or amazing, just regular stuff. I know that all the regular stuff, in the long run, helps me to be a better mother.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Foot Zoning as a Mother”

  1. I always love hearing about your experiences thru Foot Zoning! ♥️ Thank you so much for sharing these! ♥️

  2. Stephanie!!!!
    Eight years ago you changed my life. My daughter was 7 months pregnant and in severe abdominal pain not related to her pregnancy. The doctors guessed it was her gallbladder and offered to remove it if she’d like, even though they saw nothing wrong with it. She was directed by your other clients to see you. In one session, you did for her what no one else had been able to, and gave her great relief. The next day she sent her husband to see you. The next day after that, her sister. Two months later when the baby was born, I had to find out what it was that you did and how. You worked on my feet and spent extra time teaching me the sway test. My life has not been the same since, and now I’m a certified foot zoner as well with a business called FootZoners.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The next time I’m in Hawaii I would LOVE to come see you again. I still have family over there so we visit occasionally. You opened my heart and eyes to possibilities I didn’t know existed and now I work on my own family as you do and on whoever needs me. Mahalo, my friend.

    1. I am so happy you have been able to learn so much since that time years ago. Now you get to bless other people’s lives. Looks like you have built a great business. Foot zoning is so great! Thanks for the beautiful comment. For sure come see me in Hawaii the next time you come!

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