Mindy Nielson

Mindy Nielson
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Mindy Nielson
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Sole2Soul Creation
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Mindy Nielson has a passion for learning about nutrition, exercise, and the body’s overall ability to heal itself. In a quest to overcoming her health challenges, she began a search for alternative methods. Her own personal search led her to the Foot Zone technique. After the very first appointment, she knew that she had found the help she had been searching for. Each time she had a session, her body continued unraveling imbalances and brought such a life altering change that she knew she needed to bring this to others. Mindy has completed two advanced certification courses in the Foot Zone Technique, and is a Certified Foot Zone Instructor for Wellness Life Zone. Mindy is currently completing her degree in Public Health Education at BYU-I to deepen her knowledge of health and wellness.

Mindy has seen the lasting benefits of whole food, sleep, sunlight, meditation, exercise, water, and fresh air when implemented into one’s daily regimen. She knows that when a person is awakened to the knowledge of health, it empowers them to regain control of their purpose, and as one regains control of purpose, they are able to fulfill their greatest potential. Mindy has seen how the Foot Zone has brought about many miraculous moments in not only her own life, but in the lives of her clients. Nothing brings Mindy greater joy than sharing this hidden treasure of knowledge with the world.

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5 Keystones to Health Instructor, Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Instructor
  • Mindy Nielson
  • Mindy Nielson

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