Stress and Foot Zoning

This is a guest post by Vanessa Young, Foot Zone Practitioner, Foot Zone Instructor for WeDoFeet Seminars, and co-owner of  Rejuvenating Essentials.

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Ahhhhh……..a bear
Ahhhhh……..I almost hit that car
Ahhhhh…… presentation is due
Ahhhhh………I didn’t post on social media

Fight and flight are a real thing. It has helped the human species survive, however, as times and cultures have changed we ask the question what is causing us to stay in the fight and flight? We now realize stress is what we call that long stay in fight and flight. The physical response can be the same as running from a bear in comparison to not posting on social media. The nervous system is what regulates and responds to stressors or bears as I like to call them.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the fight-and-flight that can be triggered by mental or physical stressors. The physical responses are:

⦁ Blood pressure increases
⦁ Increased Blood flow to muscles, lungs and other areas needed to move
⦁ Decreased Blood flow from digestion and reproductive system
⦁ Stress hormone released for strength and speed(cortisol, epinephrine)
⦁ Glucose released for quick energy

The parasympathetic nervous system is the rest-and-digest state that also enlists healing. The Physical effects are:

⦁ Heart rate and breathing slow down
⦁ Blood pressure drops
⦁ Blood flow increases in the digestive tract
⦁ Stress hormones decrease
⦁ Muscles relax

What happens when the bears chase you too long?
Side effects of being stressed for a long period of time are:

⦁ Adrenals and other stress hormones are used up causing fatigue
⦁ Digestion issues, diarrhea or constipation, damaged gut
⦁ Over working the heart in response to stress hormones
⦁ Immune system is weakened

How do we stop getting chased by the stress bear?

Foot Zoning!!!!
It is a great way to start your process of unwinding! In the foot zone several things happen to help your body move into the parasympathetic state (rest-and-digest)

A relaxing atmosphere

The foot zone is about 45-60 mins in a comfortable setting with music in the background. Using essential oils and salve, the foot zone is a relaxing experience. There should be no bears to be found.(wink, wink)

Balancing the whole body

By applying pressure to specific areas on the foot it opens up the signal in the foot which then opens it up in the body using meridian pathways. The cool thing about foot zoning is we work on the whole body through the foot every time!! It gives your body a chance to self-correct the damage of stress.

Emotional blocks can be released

Emotions affect our physical body in many ways and can cause damage when hold on to them. Stress always has an emotional undercurrent because our “bears” are not as physical as they used to be. During the foot zone conversations take place which can be an emotional release. The blocks in the signals on the foot can be related to emotions and can once again be released through a foot zone.

Vagus nerve reset

The vagus nerve(cranial nerve) works with the digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems. When in fight-and-flight your digestive tract shuts down, circulatory system in on full alert and the respiratory system is at full capacity. Making sure that your vagus nerve is not stuck in flight-and-flight is important. During the foot zone the practitioners apply pressure to the vagus nerve at least three times, which creates a “resetting” effect. There are also vagus nerve points on the foot that are connected to other bundles of nerves. Applying pressure to these areas are also done to do a complete “reset” of the sympathetic nerves system. How cool is that?!

A lot can cause “bears” in our lives but realizing them and then taking action is very important to our mental, emotional and physical state. Foot zoning is just one way to help reduce stress, giving the body a chance to re-balance to start taking action to heal itself.

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